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Avatar Redirect


Redirects to a user’s profile picture on any of the supported social networks.

Currently supported:

Looking for an easy way to plug this service into React? Check out react-avatar.


JorgenEvens on Twitter


Google App Engine

Requires the Google Cloud SDK to be installed

Modify any of the settings in the app.yaml file.

gcloud config set project <project-id>
gcloud app deploy


Push this repository to a Heroku app or use the Deploy to Heroku button.



Each avatar URL follows the same base format which is <base-url>/<network-name>/<user-name>, for Twitter this would be

If you are simply trying to show an avatar that would look something like this in HTML:

<img src=""
    alt="JorgenEvens on Twitter" />


The app is configured using environment variables which you either add to your app.yaml file or set using the Heroku CLI / Dashboard.

Environment variable Description Default value
REDIS_URL connectionString used to connect to a Redis cache undefined
MEMCACHE_URL connectionString used to connect to a Memcache instance undefined
TTL_PROFILE_PICTURE The duration for which the picture URL is cached in ms 3600000 (1 hour)
LIMIT_REFERER A regular expression matched against the Referer header. If the Referer does not match a 401 Unauthorized will be returned. undefined
LOG_FORMAT A valid log format as specified in the morgan documentation "combined"
Network Configuration    
NETWORKS The social networks available to this deployment, if no value is set all are enabled. undefined
VKONTAKTE_KEY A Vkontakte service key to perform API requests with. undefined
VKONTAKTE_API_VERSION The API version to use for Vkontakte "5.101"
GOOGLE_API_KEY The API Key to a Google Cloud Platform project that has access to the People API. undefined


I really appreciate any contribution you would like to make, so don’t hesitate to report an issue or submit pull requests.

About me

Hi, my name is Jorgen Evens. By day I built things (mainly in PHP and JavaScript) for employee advocacy platform Ambassify and by night I tinker around with these kinds of projects.